Upcycled Wonder- Giving Rebirth to Trashed Products

Isn’t it so soul-satisfying to upcycle waste materials and give rebirth to your old trashed products which are just lying in some corner of your home? Can there be anything better than this?

Source- Upcycled Wonder

Story of Upcycled wonders:

Upcycled Wonder started as TOFA (Together For Arts) by Rupa Swaminathan in the year 2011 at her home. Today they have a wonderful store in Bangalore.

They strongly believe Imagination is the beginning of creation. So they chose to upcycle and give rebirth to the trashed products at home. That is their USP. They see a canvas in any neglected item or household trash and love giving them a makeover. Thus giving them rebirth. Living its second life to the fullest.

Their aim is to handcraft each product with a lot of detailing and most of them have a creative design all around them! No two pieces are going to look the same.

They say UPCYCLED WONDER was a dream 9 years ago and a reality today with the support of family, friends, and customers.

About Founder:

Rupa Swaminathan was an IT professional from Bangalore who quit her job after the birth of her first child. The creative spark in her was lit when she gave birth to her son with special needs.

She started developing interest in arts when she had to set up her own house after marriage. Rupa learned different forms of art and painting to decorate her home. Later, with the expertise, she started conducting classes on art from her home. She has been doing it for the last 15 years now and she still loves doing it. She started her journey with crafting 9 years ago. i.e., in 2011. And today she loves whatever she does.

She was an exclusive PLAID Designer for Crafters Corner and was also a part of the Creative team of Altered Art Design Member and of Deco Art. Rupa was also associated with a Vintage Journey Pin worthy Mention 2015-16.

She has received many awards and recognitions in her field. She was the winner of BGC for fall challenge and catchy challenges. And was one among the Top 3 CRAFTY CATZ..

More Product Details:

They UPCYCLE everything you give and redesign it to give a new look.

They also have many upcycled products like Name Plaques, Neck wears (made of old fabric), Fabric bangles, decoupaged books, photo frames, jars, key holders, trays etc., which you can buy from their online store. These are reasonably priced starting at INR.400.

To know more, click on the visit shop button above.

Note: You can drop in to their store to get your products upcycled. They also conduct workshops to teach you to upcycle your own products.

Store Address: 279/5, 8th main road, BEML Layout, Tubarahalli, Bangalore.

What do you think about Upcycled Wonders?

Did you upcycle waste materials from your garage?

Comment and let us know in the comments section below. Do not forget to click on the explore more shops above.

What do you think about Upcycled Wonders?

Did you upcycle waste materials from your garage?

Comment and let us know in the comments section below. 

Do not forget to Explore More Shops.

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