Handmade Toys- Retaining Tradition, Culture, and Heritage

Handmade Toys offers a variety of Traditional Toys of India. Check them out here.

Source- Handmade Toys

At Handmade Toys, they find out traditional hand-made toymakers in every region and bring to you their work which showcases the folklore of their culture and tradition.

Founder’s Story:

The founder Seema Awasthi is a Craft Designer and Niraj Singh is a Journalist. They turned their careers as entrepreneurs, creators, and sellers of handcrafted toy products.

Their mission is to restore the glory of Indian heritage and culture by appreciating and popularising forgotten Indian handicrafts toy culture along with bringing social and commercial benefits to the artisans.

All their products are inspired by Indian culture.

Handmade Toys Offered by them:

They bring to you exclusive, exquisite, timeless pieces of art that takes you back to your ancestor times. They strongly believe in quality over quantity.

They make toys made of Plastic, Wood, Bronze, Copper, and Terracotta.

These are not those regular toys that you give for your kids to play around with. But are the ones which educate your kids about the traditions and customs of different regions.

Having a miniature kitchen set at home is a dream of every small girl. This was a dream even for me. In fact, home-making was my all-time favourite game since I was a kid. Handmade Toys offers you a beautiful and strong miniature home-making set with 57 pieces which are made of very good quality copper and brass.

They make wooden cultural dancing dolls and diverse cultural attire dolls to uphold the culture of every region in India.

They also make;

  1. Channapatnam toys made of wood.
  2. Panchmura terracotta craft pieces which are 1 feet height and will cost around INR.800,
  3. Kondapalli toys- measures 4”x4”x3” and costs around INR.400.
  4. Dasavatar toys which are incarnations of Lord Vishnu are priced at a very affordable price of INR.250.
  5. Chaau Masks (6”x6) from West Bengal are also sold by Handmade Toys.

TinkerSale’s View: 

We absolutely love all their one of a kind toys.

These kinds of toys are mostly used to decorate homes at Navaratri during Dussehra. 

Bring the tradition back and Decorate your home with these toys this Navaratri and educate your kids about different cultures and traditions.

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