Surprise Someone- Plantable gifts to retain forever

Surprise Someone offers Plantable and eco-friendly birthday gifts. Apart from birthdays they also offer special festival gift boxes, anniversary gift boxes, return gifts etc., Check them out here.

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Absolutely not!!

So surprise yourself and your loved ones with Surprise Someone’s plant growing paper products.

When Expressing emotions is the best way to release pent up feelings, why not do that?

The Journey:

Pinky Maheshwari is an MBA graduate who worked in corporate for 10 long years. Later Pinky along with her mom Sharda Daga started Surprise someone in the year 2015 with the mission of saving planet earth from global warming and Greenhouse effect.

They wanted to stop deforestation and save our forest reserves. So they started making products from recycled handmade paper and have bagged many women excellence and women entrepreneur awards. They are a team loaded with ideas to SURPRISE SOMEONE.

They aim at bringing smiles on faces and have been successful in bringing millions of smiles across the globe.

What makes them special?

What’s most surprising about their products is that they make paper from cotton rags or waste cotton. They don’t cut even a single tree to make paper. All their products are 100% Eco Friendly.

Another interesting thing about it is, they add seeds inside the paper while making their products. So every paper bag, journal, box or any product they make will grow as a plant when it is trashed.

17 large trees are cut in order to make a ton of paper. So stop cutting trees to make paper and save our globe with SURPRISE SOMEONE’S eco-friendly paper products.

Products offered:

  1. Magazine Holders and Files
  2. Gift boxes and Wine bags/ bottle bags
  3. Boxes or folding baskets for gift hampers
  4. Corporate gifting combo for your Diwali gifts
  5. Portable Mobile Mandir which can be used as a jewellery box later
  6. Rakhi- Make your rakhi special with Plantable, Eco-friendly, Handmade Organic seeded rakhi with a Full planter kit. The kit comes with Roli, Chawal, Plantable Pen, Coco Peat with instruction card, Wooden Stand of Planter, Planter pot

Note: These are just a few to name. They make 1000s of brilliant and creative products out of their plantable handmade paper. All their products are 100% eco-friendly.

Did you buy a Eco-Friendly Birthday gifts?

What do you think about this idea?

Comment and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. We are super excited to read your comment.

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