SaveGlobe- Plastic-free products for a greener world

Save globe aims at making the world greener and that brings them to creating plastic-free products. Check them out here.

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About Save Globe:

Save Globe is a start-up company started in the year 2011 when we were witnessing the global warming. They say NO to plastic by creating eco-friendly daily use products.

The founders Suhasan Reddy and his wife Harika Meka started this venture to save our globe from harm. This initially started as an awareness program to dissuade people from using plastic. But then, they realized awareness isn’t just enough. So, both of them left their high paying corporate jobs with a quest to make plastic free products and started finding and creating alternatives for plastic products. After a lot of research, they started making products using Rice husk, Wheat Flour, Bamboo, Areca Coconut Coir and Sugarcane pulp.


They make plastic-free products like eco-friendly bags, food containers, spoons, water bottles, Areca plates, earthen pots, Disposable Tableware, Rice Husk Tableware, Bagasse Tableware, Coconut Coir products.

More about their Products:

1. Disposable Food Packaging Products:

These are made of Sugarcane bagasse and hence are Eco-friendly. Sugarcane bagasse products are made out of sugarcane pulp.

2. Backpacks / Laptop Bags:

This is a very trendy, durable and environment friendly bag which is made with natural colour hard cotton canvas with no chemicals. And the best part is, it is completely plastic free. They also make Hard canvas tote shopping bags and customised cotton bags (INR.15-20)

3.Edible Cutlery:

They make Spoons and Forks using wheat, corn starch and water. These are edible. In other words, these can be eaten literally. Spoons cost you just INR.2

4. Eboo Bamboo Speaker Amplifier:

Did you know bamboo can amplify the sound with bass? This is a natural wonder. An eco-friendly and sustainable product. And it also acts as a docking station for your phone.

5. Pillows, Beds, and Neck Collars:

These are made from 100% pure natural rice husk which is a by-product of rice. These are neatly cleaned and processed products that are durable at least for 2 years. And they stay in shape longer than the synthetic or polyester pillows and comes at a price of INR.600 which is less than most other pillows available in the market. They fit in your usual pillow covers and keeps you away from neck and shoulder pain.

6. Daaham:

It is an Eco-friendly water bag for naturally chilled water which is made of 100% cotton canvas. And is a replacement for your unhealthy plastic water bottles. It keeps water cool even in the hot sun. And most importantly it is easy to wash and clean. It stores up to 6 litres of water. Best suitable for traveling, trekking, and camping.

TinkerSale’s View:

Using plastic-free products is like taking the world one step ahead to make it greener. We at TinkerSale absolutely love their idea and initiative. We personally love their edible cutleries which create zero-waste for nature.

They export their products to US, UK, Russia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, South-Africa, and many other parts of the world.

Why not use desi & healthy products when the entire world is up for it.

Visit Save Glove at– 10/1, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Behind RS Gardens, Near Kondarama Wines, Bangalore.

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