EarthenHues- Crafting to make you Happy

EarthenHues creates beautiful and quirky art and craft mostly out of paper. Check this space and you will fall in love with paper art and craft if you are not a craft lover.

Source- EarthenHues

EarthenHues is an Art and Craft brand that was founded by a passionate art and craft maker Pooja. She loves creating new things from paper and colours. Pooja always challenges and pushes herself to create new and quirky paper art and craft.

Products Offered:

1. Wall Hangings

EarthenHues offers Customized and Thematic Wall Clocks, Frames, Wall Hangings and Name plates to decorate your kid’s room.

2. Stationery Organisers

They make Sketch Pens and Crayon pouches, Clip holders, Draw String Bags, Quirky Tissue Holders, Sticky note pads and many more to keep your kids organized.

3. Toys

They even make Tiny Toys like Magnetic Alphabets, Tik Tok Toe etc., to keep your kids busy.

4. Party and Festive Decoratives

EarthenHues also offers party décor banners and decoratives which are completely customized. They make colourful LED string lights to light up and decorate your home on festivals like Diwali.

TinkerSale’s View:

Keeping your kids organized right from a very young age can help your kids be well organized and manage themselves well when they grow up. So, we recommend you to try all the stationery she makes to keep your kids organized.

We personally love Pooja’s creativity when it comes to creating craft articles. She is amazing at creating a variety of paper art and craft for kids to make them happy.

For prices and orders, get in touch with EarthenHues by clicking on the Visit Shop button above.

Tip: Most of her products are customizable and can make Wonderful gifts for little ones.

Note: Her products are also available on amazon.

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