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Check out this space for organic skin care products which are best friends for your skin.

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Filters are great, but good skin is the best.

Who wouldn’t actually love healthy glowing skin. It’s always good to invest in your skin.

About Softy Skin Care:

Softy Skin Care is a Bangalore-based brand offering a variety of premium quality Natural and organic skincare products like organic soaps, lip balms, scrubs, cleansers, etc., for both infants and adults. They do not add any chemicals to their products and are 100% hand-made.

Products offered:

They offer a gamut of organic skin care products which are a must-try to keep your skin very healthy and glowing. 

Natural soaps-

Natural honey soap-

Honey helps balance the bacteria on your skin, which makes it great to use for acne. It helps retain moisture to your skin. Its antibacterial properties also help fight itching.

Goat milk soap-

Dermatologists agree that goat’s milk works wonders on all skin types. Goat milk boosts moisture levels in the skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps in reducing acne. So Goat milk soap can be great nourishment for your skin.

Goat milk and oats soap-

Natural handmade soap with the goodness of goat’s milk and oats to give your skin a gentle exfoliation.

Lemon blossom Soap-

As we all know, Lemon is a rich anti-oxidant. A high level of antioxidants present in the soap purifies the skin and prevents it from premature.

Cupcake soap-

This is actually 2 soaps combined together. The top part of the soap is made of Shea butter and is flavoured with vanilla essential oils. And the other half is the super famous honey soap. This dual combo comes at a price of INR.200

Lip balms and Lip Scrubs-

Mango butter-

It is a Luxurious and enriched natural lip balm with mango butter and shea butter. It Helps fight lip pigmentation.

They also have lip balms in other flavours such as chocoholic, tinted pink, tinted red, Melony melody, berry. These lip balms make your skin super soft and supple. They will reach you at a price of INR.175-200

Beetroot lip scrub-

It is a perfect blend of Shea butter, Vitamin-E, Rosehip oil, and Beetroot. Use this to make your lips softer, suppler, and luscious (Price- INR.125).

Body cleansing powders-

They also offer a variety of Herbal body cleansing powders starting at just INR.200. These are a mixture of natural dry ingredients like turmeric, almonds, green grams, and others.

Pamper your body with a nice massage using a body massage balm from Softy Skin Care. They come to you at a price of INR.225.

Under-eye cream-

An enriched cream with curative ingredients like Rosehip oil, lavender, jojoba, and shea. This blend not only helps fight dark circles but also helps in fighting puffy eye bags and soothes your eyes after a long day (Price- INR.220).

TinkerSale’s Recommendations:

We always recommend you to use natural and organic skin care products for the only reason that it is good for your skin. Softy skin care’s beetroot lip scrub can be a great product to keep your lips soft and supple. Giving your kids a cupcake soap can make their bathing fun as well as healthy and good for the skin.

Say No to chemicals. Inculcate the same in your kids.

Choose from their gamut of organic skin care products and make your skin smile.

Did you like their organic skin care products?

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