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Try out these natural skincare products to skin your skin healthy and soft throughout the year.

Source- Elite Body Essentials

About Elite Body Essentials:

It is always advised to use natural skincare products for healthy and natural skin. Elite body essentials offers a variety of Organic and Skin-friendly body essentials which are Handmade and Natural. They are highly against chemical-prone products. Hence they do not use any kind of chemicals in their products.

They always aim at creating and offering safe cosmetics with the natural ingredients. To expand their knowledge in natural skincare products, they use traditional ingredients and create exceptional products to their customers. They also educate people through their workshops and give back the good to the community.

Body Essentials Offered:

They offer a whole range of natural skincare products which are very skin-friendly and organic.

Handmade soaps

They offer a variety of handmade soaps. Activated Charcoal Soap, Panchagavya Soap, Goat milk & Aloe Vera Soap are a few to name.

Pedi salts/ Bath salts

They offer Pedi salts/ Bath salts for soft and supple skin.

Aloe Tea tree Toner

This toner is best suitable for Oily/Acne prone skin. It removes excess oil from skin and prevents acne.

Vetiver Natural Loofah

This is an effective Natural Skin Exfoliator which is suitable for all skin types. Using a Loofah will remove dead skin and gives a smooth skin.

Herbal Tooth Powder

The Herbal Tooth Powder is made out of natural spices which are used in everyday cooking. It is completely Natural, Safe and good for Oral hygiene.

Apart from these, they also offer Natural Hair Dyes and Shampoos, Face Washes, Face Packs, Body Lotions, Lipsticks, Kajals and many more.

TinkerSale’s Favorite:

We absolutely loved most of their natural skincare products. Herbal Toothpowder is our all-time favourite. It tastes very different. A little sour, little sweet, little spicy, and a little salty. But very effective when comes to maintaining oral hygiene. We highly recommend you to keep your oral hygiene with elite body essential’s ayurvedic tooth powder.

For orders or more details you can just fill up the contact seller form. And Elite Body Essentials will personally get in touch with you.

If you are already a user of their products, Comment and let us know your experience with Elite Body Essentials. We would be super happy to read them all.

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