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Check this space to include the most natural honey to your diet to keep yourself healthy.

Source- Honey Culture

Did you know ?

2 spoons of honey a day, keeps you healthy and away from diseases.

Raw honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life.

About Honey Culture:

Honey Culture offers the Purest, Natural & Raw Honey from the deepest forests of India. The colour, Flavour & Aroma of their honey originates from the nectar sources frequented by the bees. At Honey Culture, you get to experience forest honey as intended by nature. They obtain sustainability from some of the deepest forests of India.

Honey Culture’s Raw Honey is packed with the best that nature has to offer.

Honey Flavours Offered:

Safeda- Premium White Indian Borage Honey:

This is a rare finding from the dense forests of Kashmir. It is almost pure white in colour (true to its name) when collected, and has a very unique aroma with a hint of mint in its taste.

Safeda is not only visually different but also the flavour is very refreshing unlike any other honey you have had before. It is Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial & Anti-fungal.

They cost you INR.825 for 275 grams.

Lakkad- Premium Rosewood Honey:

Lakkad is natural honey obtained from hives of the dense, natural, & undisturbed Sheesham forests which are located at the borders of Himachal Pradesh. Lakkad honey is sourced in small batches at specific times in a year.

It is a thick premium honey, with a darkish amber colour, and has a pleasant floral aroma. There is just one thing that is different across products obtained from nature, and that is the Source.

Lakkad honey is a must addition to your diet as it is filled with the goodness of health. Consuming 2 spoons full of Lakkad honey every day offers high-value benefits like- Improving skin health, Detoxifying the body, Optimizing digestion, Healing wounds, Strengthening the immune system, Soothe a sore throat.

They come at INR.650 for 275 grams.

Pushp- Multifloral Honey:

This honey sourced from a variety of flowers. It is obtained from the deepest forests of India. Each type of flower renders the honey with unique properties.

The honey retains all its natural properties and benefits. This is because, it is not processed but only filtered.

Pushp honey comes at a price of INR.475 for 275grams.

Acacia- White Honey:

Acacia honey is derived from untouched forests in the pristine Kashmir valley. It is a light & mild amber honey with a delightful and delicate flavour.

A unique characteristic of Acacia honey is that it remains in the liquid state longer & crystallizes much slower than other honey variants. This is due to its high fructose content.

Acacia comes at a price of INR.750 for 275grams.

Note: All their honey varieties contains nutrients and active enzymes. It gives a lot of health benefits when consumed regularly.

TinkerSale’s View:

Honey Culture’s honey is probably the healthiest and the most natural honey that we have ever tasted. Honey culture gives utmost priority and importance to the quality of honey that they deliver to their customers. If you a person looking for a healthy lifestyle, then you should for sure include honey in your daily diet.

Did you like the natural honey from Honey Culture?

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