Mokosh- Creating Soulful living

Mokosh creates products like Tableware, Home-furnishing, and Name Plates for home etc.,

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Mokosh- The Brand

Mokosh is a Slavic word that means ‘the Goddess of Earth and home’, and we surely recognize how well this brand-name resonates with the elements of nature that Ritika Zharotia uses in her designs. A brand based in Bangalore, Mokosh is in the business of promoting soulful living by creating products like nameplates, tableware, and home-furnishing – with each of these pieces imbibed with unique individuality.

Ritika’s Journey

Ritika believes that her work has always been driven more out of passion for creating and promoting the beauty of nature.

Her passion for art since her childhood, grew over the years while she completed her Masters in English Literature, followed by an exciting stint in an advertising agency. Eventually, it moulded into a more discernible shape, under the mentoring of her father-in-law Jai Zharotia, an ex-professor of Delhi College of Arts.

Sessions on positive & negative space, colours, tones, styles etc. led to initial experiments with paper and ink but did not restrict Ritika, who worked on other mediums including wood, glass, & metal. 

Products – Amalgamating art & utility

Mokosh believes in creating products that are always about the customer. It’s about customers, their story, and their special moments, memories, and aspiration. So most of the products are made to order and can be personalized. 

For example, if you are a tea lover, you can get customized coasters done. And custom bookends, T-lights, Guitar holders have been very popular as gifting ideas that the brand has in its portfolio.

Mokosh’s collection also features a series of art using laser cutting. A collection of Lamp Shades and T-lights has been the perfect rendition of that theme. They bring an element of sleek modernity.

Nature is the underlying theme that binds all of Mokosh’s products. Their nameplates bring a fauvist touch, where your home is introduced to the visitors with the vibrancy that your interior wants to convey. Mokosh has recently introduced customized printed plates as a wall hanging. This also goes in sync with the theme of optimizing the vitality of nature with the cozy sanctuary of your home.

TinkerSale’s View:

Mokosh has successfully strike the balance between high art and pocket-friendly pricing. Ritika’s forte has been her ability to create aesthetically pleasing products without compromising on functionality. We highly recommend you to buy the name-plates. And the unique coasters, while you can also connect with her for personalized products more uniquely suited to your taste.

Click on the Visit Shop button above to get your customized products done.

You can visit them at- C-1702, SALARPURIA SENORITA, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore- 560035

See what their Customers Speak:

  1. “Creative, Innovative and Unique “- Nischita Miskin (Installation work done for restaurant)
  2. “She is creative, client-centric, solution-oriented and pragmatic in her approach, after meeting her we were able to define our unstructured thoughts” – Sakshi (Product customer)
  3. “Just like the name Mokosh’s creations are soulful! Her designs are elegant and of superior quality. Got a beautiful nameplate created by her for my friend’s home” – Anumita Bhattacharya (product customer) 

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