Mudfingers- Create your home Garden

Mudfingers offers small house plants to keep your home rich in oxygen. Check out their indoor plants below.

Source- Mudfingers

Gardening adds years to your life and life to your years. So create a home garden at your home.

About Mudfingers:

Mudfingers nurtures a baby plant to give it to you. They plant each plant with great care and pot them with great affection in aesthetically designed containers.

They design their beautiful terracotta planters with their design team and specifically fire them to withstand constant water retention. Designer ceramic planters which enhances interior decor by their vivid colours and eye-catching shapes. Designer Concrete and coloured planters (Price ranging from INR.350-INR.550). You can also choose your Tulsi Vrindavans- made of terracotta, painted terracotta, marble, designer ware etc.,

A Broad-Spectrum of terrariums adds class to your living rooms. Rainforest Themed Terrariums, Hanging Succulent Terrariums, Glasshouse Terrariums, Indoor wall-hanging Terrariums, Geometric Terrariums are a few to name.

They have many plant varietals too.

Plant Varietals:

1. Zebra Haworthia- 

Zebra Haworthia is the most easiest plant to maintain and non-fussy home plant ever. This is one of the most favourite plants for mudfingers.

2. Chlorophytum Reverse Variegated plant- 

It is an easy to maintain indoor air purifier plant.


Orchids brighten up your most humid areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Are a few to name.

TinkerSale’s View:

These days getting fresh air is a big deal. Especially in fast-growing and fast-changing Tire1 cities. In a city like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi- getting pure air is like a WOW thing. So it’s always a good idea to keep air purifier plants in your home to get fresh and pure air after a busy day at the office.

What is beautiful about Mudfingers is they not only sell plants. But also extent their care for plants by giving tips for plant care. They try their best to even revive the dying ones.

Mudfingers indoor plants in ceramic planters with a customized message are our favorite. They are the best to present for any occasion. So, Why gift something else when you can gift a plant.

Go Green Live clean.

They have their decked-up garden store Located at 4th block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

Did you get your home garden created?

How did you feel about Mudfingers?

Comment and let us know what you felt about small house plants. We will be super happy to know your thoughts.

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