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Do you want to become a fan of your own skin? Then check this space to find the best luxury bath soaps and other skin care essentials for yourself and your loved ones here.

Source- Suffuse

About Suffuse:

Suffuse is a Bangalore-based Organic, Natural & Luxury Bath Soap maker who makes hand-made soaps. They also make other elite body essentials to keep your face and body Soft, Supple & Glowing. 

Aruna, the founder of Suffuse is determined to make premium body essentials without harming our environment. She is highly against animal exploitation and hence does not experiment her products on animals. She trusts her creation so much that she experiments her products on her own body before anybody else. Aruna makes sure that she always delivers the quality and effective products to her customers.

Luxury Skin Care Products Offered:

  1. Body Butters and Lotions for your face, body, hand and foot. (Priced between INR.150 To INR.300)
  2. Lip care Products like Lipsticks (INR.300) and Lip Balms (INR.350).
  3. Luxury bath soaps (INR.250-INR.350) and liquid soaps like hand and body washes and face washes (Priced between INR.100 & INR.300).
  4. Haircare products like Hair Butters, Shampoo Bars, and Hair conditioners. All these are priced at INR.250/ INR.300.
  5. Solid Perfumes to keep yourself smell fresh all day.
  6. Body Scrubs and Foot soaks to wash away the dead skin from your body.

They ship their products across India. If you are a resident of Bangalore, you can self-pick your orders from their store.

Store Address: 22, Basappa Road, Shanthi Nagar Bangalore

TinkerSale’s Recommendations:

Your Skin is a representation of your own self. We believe, if we invest in good skin care products, we actually don’t need a lot of makeup. So that is why we highly recommend our customers to use natural skin care products which are chemical free. Suffuse is one such brand that we recommend.

We personally like their lip vibrant sticks colours and their huge collection of Luxury bath soaps.

Which is your favourite product from suffuse? Did you like their luxury bath soaps?

Comment and let us know your experience with their products.

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