Lattu- Making your Kitchen Awesome

The fondest memories of life are made around the table. The Dining table!! Yes!!
Because having good food together creates a lot of memories to cherish. 
Check out these kitchen accessories online to make such memories for yourself.

Source- Lattu

About Lattu:

Lattu offers you a whole range of Wooden Tableware and Serve ware. They paint the age-old handicrafts on modern products while retaining its traditional essence. It is destined to add colours to your kitchen racks and Dining table. If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.

What does Lattu Offer?

Lattu offers a whole lot of super funky and colourful Kitchenware and Tableware.

They offer- 

1. Chai glasses which adds fun to your chai time. 

2. Hand crafted grandeur sets for your table to make it look traditional yet classy. 

3. Chutney jars to replace your old fashioned plastic boxes. 

4. 100% air tight Storage containers to keep your snack fresh and crisp. 

5. They have none of a kind painted serving spoons and barbecue sticks to serve your loved ones. These spoons are the best for Festive gifting.

6. They offer classy roll-ups by upcycling sarees and other textile wastes to keep your serving spoons safe and clutter-free. These not only keep the spoons away from clashing with one another but also make a great gift wrap for gifting serving spoons.

TinkerSale’s View:

Lattu always try to bring out the best from waste. They not only sell products but also help our traditional woodcraft artisans create a living for themselves by giving them an opportunity to recreate their craft on products of modern utility.

Above all, we feel the products which they create are one-of-a-kind pieces and will definitely make difference to your Kitchen and Dining.

It’s always good to make your kitchen Artistic and colourful. So, Infuse beauty into your kitchen.

Visit their shop on TinkerSale to know more about Lattu and buy from them.

Note: Storage boxes come with 250ml to 400ml storage capacity.

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