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The best canvas for your artistic abilities is your living room and a well-chosen or designed home decor showpiece. The way you decorate your home is an expression of your creativity and taste. It doesn’t matter if you are a qualified or non-qualified architect, a professional interior designer, or an amateur dabbler. As long as your creativity needs an outlet, your home remains the best place to showcase them.

Whether you are a minimalist with a taste for simple shapes and open spaces or an expressive modernist with a flair for curves and organic décor, you can create homemade showpieces from scratch or can choose from a plethora of sellers in your locality – mostly small home-based businesses.

Below are 3 décor ideas and set of home decor showpiece which will enliven your home:

Hand-Quilled Photo Frames

Quilling art is elegant without being too obtrusive. A Quilled photo frame- as a wall showpiece, will not take the focus away from the picture it holds. Whoosh! – the wooden and metallic photo frames. The quilled frames are colorful, easier to personalize, and can be designed as per the theme of your drawing room or office.

Quilling is an intricate yet simple craft where strips of paper are rolled around a quill to make them spiral-shaped. These paper spirals are then pasted to make different patterns. A large variety of designs can be made using quilling. And quilling designs are highly personalized and a lot reasonable when compared to others.

Designed Name plate

The nameplate is the first impression that your home creates for your guests. While you can’t change your name, your nameplate can be a true reflection of you. Or it can also be the way you want to portray yourself to the world. A few quick tips for the right choice of name plates.

  1.   Equate yourself and your family with the comic strip, movie, or superhero characters that you like.
  2.   Happy nameplate art and design: Create nameplates around a sunny/happy theme like Beach, Party, etc.
  3.   Use bright contrasting colors: When you put the nameplate on the wall, ensure that appropriate color contrast exists between the wall and nameplate
  4.   Make sure that you choose the appropriate size: If you are living in an apartment, the nameplate should not be too large and obtrusive. However, for Bungalows, you can play around with the size

Decoupage Boxes

Decoupage art is a form of paper art where you glue layers of paper that are cut in various decorative patterns in combination with paint, decorative items and embellishments.

3D Decoupage and Pyramid decoupage are the two most prominent forms. The decoupage originated in Siberia and has spread to East Asia. 18th-century Italian artists, especially in Florence are the ones who added decorative techniques like using gold leaf and carved wood design.

Decoupaging is mostly done on furniture and boxes. And you can start decoupaging yourself. Start doing it on your own on bottles, trendy sewing boxes, tin can planters or photo frames.

Floral and vintage designs are traditional key themes of decoupage art ideas, but more contemporary decoupage ideas like geometric patterns, collages are also fast catching up. And you can also buy showpieces to decorate your home here

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