Craft World- Crafting your memories

Handmade gifts are always more treasured. Don’t you agree?

If you are looking for a really cool handmade gifts this valentine’s day, you should definitely check out Craft World.

Source- Craft World

Craft World’s Offerings:

Craft World offers personalized and handmade gifts like- Special love cards, Handmade envelopes to write letters to your loved ones, gift hampers, scrap books to recall and treasure your memories, explosion boxes to explode your love, cute little gift boxes and many more quirky handmade things to make your Valentine’s day special.

TinkerSale’s Favourite:

What we found to be more unique is their “Open When” box filled with a lot of letters inside beautiful envelopes. These envelopes are a series of letters, that should be opened in different situations. Like- Open when you are sick, Open when you are sad, Open when you miss me, etc.,

All their gifts are very quirky, colourful and lovely. We absolutely love the way they personalise their products matching the needs of their customers.

So let your loved ones know how much they mean to you by offering them handmade gifts.

Fill in the form to get in touch with craft world.

You can also visit them at-  Santiniketan Kolkata, West Bengal, India 731204

Did you check out handmade gifts offered by craft world? Comment and let us know your thoughts about them. We will be super happy to read them all.

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