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About The Soapy Love:

The Soapy Love is a Thane based brand which makes their soaps and skin care products with wholesome natural ingredients. The founder Muskaan Menda gives at most importance to aesthetics, quality, & purity of the products along with affordability. Their products are a gift to everybody who treasures good quality & environment friendly products.

They also conduct a lot of workshops in which they teach how to self-prepare skin care products at home.

The Soapy Love has registered itself and got Udyog Aadhar number under MSME scheme.

Products Offered:

Their Products can be broadly classified into Hair Care & Skin Care essentials.

Skin Care Products:

1.Kumkumadri Oil

Kumkumadri Oil is a face massage oil made with fresh goat milk & Goodness of 22 Herbs. It is 100% pure & helps improve skin complexion and texture. It has anti-aging properties. Massaging your face regularly with this oil helps in reducing acne, acne scars, Black heads, dark circles, sun tan & wrinkles. It gives both cleansing and nourishing effects on your skin to look flawless.

These Oils cost you INR.400 for 15ml (Price reduces on bulk orders).

2.Nalpamaradi Oil

Nalpamaradi Oil is made of 15 herbs in black sesame oil and cow’s milk.

Massaging regularly with this oil improves blood circulation & skin texture. It Lubricates joints, Tones muscles, removes toxins from body, whitens under arms & gives you even skin tone. It also helps reduce itching in private areas.

3.Skin Elixir

This is made with excellent carrier oils like almond oil, Argan oil and Jojoba oil with the goodness of kumkumadi and nalparmadi oil along with special blend of skin loving essential oils. This gives nice glow to your skin by fighting free radicals, reducing wrinkles, pigmentation and many more skin issues.

4.Liquid Lipstick-

Their Liquid Lipsticks are free from mineral oils and other harmful chemicals. They are loaded with the goodness of Almond oil, Jojoba oil and most importantly made with Love. These lipsticks come in various shades that suit your skin tone and are priced at INR.250 per piece.


Their Face and body scrubs are made with the goodness of walnut and coffee which helps to remove tan and dead skin cells. Mild exfoliating properties of walnut and deep cleaning properties of ground coffee works as a good body cleanser.

6.Face Wash, Massage creams and lotions-

They offer various facewashes and creams which hydrates your skin.

Red wine Face wash and Red wine Massage cream are among the super effective products.

Red wine is full of antioxidants. Hence gives you a flawless glowing skin by reducing signs of aging & pigmentation.

Apart from these, the also offer various body cleansers, Coco Butter cream for stretch marks, under eye gel (INR.250 for 30gms), hydrating gels, whitening creams for sensitive areas like underarms and bikini area.

Hair Care Products:

The Soapy Love offers a gamut of hair care products that gives complete solution for dry, damaged and rough hair.

1.Shampoos & Conditioners-

They offer various shampoos for different hair types and hair problems.

Keratin Shampoo with Shea butter and Argan Oil– which cleanses as well as nourishes dry scalp and hair resulting in smooth and shiny hair and a clean scalp.

Intense Moisture Conditioner with wheat protein and pro vitamin b5- which makes hair ends smooth and manageable.

Pro vitamin b5 conditioning spray with Argan Oil- which helps in easy detangling of hair at the same time protects hair from damage due to heat styling.

Other than these, they also offer Keratin shampoo for chemically treated hair, Shampoo for damaged hair, Hydrating shampoo for dry hair, Deep conditioning shampoo for extremely dry hair, Herbal shampoo, Shampoo for frizzy hair, volumizing shampoo, shampoo for shine and nourishment, Total Repair shampoo, Shampoo for hair growth etc.,

2.Shampoo Bars-

The Soapy Love fills the power of Shampoo bottle in a bar. They present conditioning Syndet shampoo bars made from Hemp seed oil, coco-caprylate, rice protein etc.,. These are eco- friendly and safe for your hair.

3.Hair Detoxifying Cleansing mask-

A mask made with the goodness of Dead Sea Mud & a Blend of Rasshoul Clay, Mango butter, Argan oil and essential oils that helps in hair growth.

The mask cleanses, detoxifies and conditions your hair at the same time.

4.Hair Elixir-

Hair Elixir is made with Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Black sesame oil, and Jamaican black castor oils with the blend of essential oils of Tea tree, Sandalwood, Neem and Juniper berry. It helps relieve dandruff, hair fall and itchy scalp.

Apply Hair Elixir to your hair roots and massage with fingertips in circular motion and leave overnight. Shampoo your hair with mild sulphate free shampoo in the morning to get best results.

5.Therapeutic hair butter-

Therapeutic Hair butter is enriched with Shea butter, cold processed jojoba, coconut oil, rosemary, cedar wood, tea tree, and Clary sage essential oils. It is an intensive scalp treatment for strengthening hair roots and treating scalp infection.

Apply it on your scalp and wash off with shampoo after one hour. These cost you INR.200 for 50gms and INR.350 for 100gms.

TinkerSale’s View:

We absolutely love all their products for the reason that it gives the best results. What we love the most about THE SOAPY LOVE is that they not only offer such products but also educate you on how to take care of your hair and skin along with teaching you how those products can be self-prepared at home.

Did you check out their natural skincare & hair care products?

Comment and let us know your experience with THE SOAPY LOVE.

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