Desi Soul- Premium Fashion Jewellery for all occasions

Desi Soul curates Premium Fashion Jewellery which enhances beauty and style. Check them out here.

Source- Desi Soul

Desi soul is all about reviving tradition into contemporary wearable art using mix mediums. They make premium fashion jewellery for every occasion.

The Brand was started by Shilpa Kothari, a free spirit and psychology graduate, Desi Soul evolved from her observations of how body language and fashion accessories can seamlessly blend to create a personalized style.

The Journey:

Shilpa, just started tinkering around with some beads and material as a whim, which evolved into a full-scale business when her friends and neighbours just didn’t stop asking her to make customized jewelry for them.

Products – Play with mirrors, paintings and colours:

Desi Soul’s USP is mixed mediums and each piece has a very distinct feel to it. Brass and German Silver are Shilpa’s preferred medium of designs.

Wearing same jewelry is so boring. So why not change it every day. Desi Soul offers you a variety of Grandeur Hand painted earrings which are most beautiful. But neckpieces are a must try.

Their range of Square Earrings with a defining coloured stone at the centre, creates a sharp contrast against the less ostentatious silver-plated frame.

They always aim at taking fashion and jewellery to a next level. Hence Desi soul curates each of its jewellery with utmost love.

We loved Desi Soul’s collection of Indi themed studs, which gives a very trendy edge to a very indigenous theme of jewellery.

However, mirror themed jewellery is extremely eye-catching and are inspired by Central Asian themes. Desi Soul has clearly been able to retain the essential soul of India in its design while borrowing elements from other oriental cultures.

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