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Check this space to explore some fantastic handmade gifts like Explosion Boxes and Scrapbooks.

Source- The Paper Magic

May be It takes a trillion people to complete this world. But to complete you? Just One special person.

Make your valentine feel more special on this valentine’s day.

While we were randomly scrolling through our Instagram profile, we found this unique gift maker. And we would love to tell you about them.

And that’s- THE PAPER MAGIC !

About The Paper Magic:

The paper magic offers a variety of handmade gift articles like Cards, Explosion Boxes, Cubes, Hampers, Albums, Scrap Books, Floral jewellery, Rakhis, and many more to make your loved ones feel more loved.

Products Offered:

Cards & Albums:

They make beautiful foldable cards and albums which open up in different shapes. (32 pictures needed for a heart shape open card). Quirky Pop-up cards are one of their exclusive makes.

Explosion Boxes and Cubes:

You find a variety of customised Explosion boxes with them for all your special occasions. 

Jumping box suites are one of their most special products. When these boxes are opened, multiple cube albums pop out and it’s so eye soothing to watch. These can be customised with your favourite pictures attached.


They offer different hampers for various occasions according to your choice. Valentine’s day boxes with beautifully designed cards are one of their Valentine’s day gift specials. They also offer an assortment of pouches, soft toys, albums, and envelopes.


They make a range of budget friendly handmade scrapbooks which can create new memories. 

These are just a few to name. They have plenty of other special, quirky and handmade products in their basket. Ice stick photo puzzle (comes in a cute unique box) is another of such kinds.

The list can go so long. Fill the form to get in touch with them and buy.

TinkerSale’s Favourite:

Their products literally amazed us.

We absolutely love the special magic cube albums that they make. These come in various sizes ranging from 5 Cm to 20 cm & can fit 27 to 70 pictures in it. These can also contain a secret gift.

Mini Wishing bottles are our other favourite. They are made of Cork light LED, Glass Bottle & Vellum Paper.

Did you find them exclusive?

Comment and let us know your thoughts about them in the comments section below. We would be super happy to read them all.

Also DO NOT FORGET to Explore Shops on TinkerSale.

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