Simply Silver- Silver jewellery for all occasions

Simply Silver offers exclusive silver jewellery in Delhi. These are handcrafted with lot of love. Check out the images below.

Source- Simply Silver

About Simply Silver:

Simply silver presents to you an exclusive collection of exquisite hand-crafted Silver Jewellery. They make you- feel special, look bold and classy. In-spite of huge product range, they endeavor to make every design unique and every creation a piece of art.

Their Offerings:

They make Classy and Unique Silver jewellery for every occasion.

1.Hangings, Jhumkas, and Stud Ear rings-

They make hangings, Jhumkas and Stud Earrings. These are designed uniquely. Few of their designs are- hand painted, temple, contemporary, meenakari, kundan, mirror, tribal designs.

2.Finger rings-

Their variety of finger rings includes- Contemporary, dual tone, temple designs with colorful glass.

3.Neck Pieces-

They make beautiful Chokars (Contemporary, Kundan and pearl designs), Pendants, and neck sets.

TinkerSale’s View:

Every woman is special. And every home is incomplete without woman. So, why not make them feel special every moment?

It is never a bad idea to present beautiful silver jewellery to your loved ones. So, Make your mom, sister, friend, spouse and daughter happy. Because seeing happiness in the eyes of our loved ones is priceless.

Simply silver curates every piece at home with 100% love. And one of our personal favorites is their jhumkas. They deliver their products (across India) to your door with at-most care at no extra cost.

Their jewellery starts from INR.1200 and have Flexible payment modes. So, Click on the Visit Shop Button above now.

You can check their silver jewellery in Delhi.

Address: Central Avenue, Sainik Farms, New-Delhi.

Did you check out Simply Silver’s silver jewellery and accessories?

Comment and let us know what you felt. And also click the above image to explore more shops onĀ TinkerSale.

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