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Do you want to make your kid’s learning fun? Then, check this space to buy educative games for kids.

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Do you Agree?

Your kid spends more time on devices than with people and toys. It is solely because we, parents are not able to spend maximum time with kids. And that is quite obvious because we are struggling so hard and working to build their future strong.

But does that really help?

Think about the radiations generated by those devices. Would that be good for your kid’s health?

I would definitely say NO.

But then you might ask me, what are the other ways I can keep them engaged when I am at work?

If this is the question, here is the answer- CocoMoko Kids!!

About CocoMoko Kids:

CocoMoko Kids is Delhi-based award-winning educational toys and games manufacturing company that was started by Priyanka Prabhakar and Shitij Malhotra in the year 2012.

They design and offer different educative games for kids of different ages at very pocket-friendly prices starting at INR.299 till INR.1299. But most of them come with INR.499. Games they offer will aim at making kids learn something new. It might be science, art and craft, the solar system, or the things that are around the world.

CocoMoko kids believe that learning should be fun and not pain. So, they design Math games, Geography games, Puzzle games, Card games, DIY craft kits, Colouring rolls to make learning fun. These games not only keep your kids occupied but they also help enhance their thinking ability, concentration, creativity, patience and interpersonal communication skills.

Flag Frenzy, World Map Puzzle, Spell Buzz, Play passport Kit, Soap making kit so on and so forth. These are just a few examples. Their games and DIYs are super fun and unique.

TinkerSale’s Recommendation:

Why will kids not love to make their own organic soap? Will they not love to use their self-made soap? Will they not love playing interesting games. So, we highly recommend you to keep your kids occupied with educational games and activities like these which enhance their learning rather than giving them harmful electronic devices.

Many of these games also make a very good return gifts for your kid’s birthday.

Our favourite game is Spell Buzz- A Spelling and word game which improves language and vocabulary of your kids.

You can find their whole range of games here. Click on the visit shop button now.

Did you buy their educative games for kids? Did your kids like them?

Comment and let us know in the comments section below. We would be super happy to read them all.

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