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Forever Eco Store offers a wide range of Bamboo Products as an alternative for plastic products to keep the world more greener. Check them out here.

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Earth is what we all have in common. So, protecting our mother earth is our sole responsibility.

Progress is possible only with change. And those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything. So, Progress by changing. Use eco-friendly products that are bio-degradable instead of plastics.

Say NO to PLASTIC by saying Yes to Eco-Friendly products.

According to statistics, One billion Toothbrushes are thrown away every year in India. Just recall the time when you said, it’s just 1 toothbrush. So, don’t be that one in a billion. Start using Bamboo Toothbrushes.

Forever Eco Store thought about 1 billion plastic toothbrushes that are being thrown away to the environment which spoils the life of many living beings and the mother earth. So, they started making eco-friendly products.

Eco-Friendly Products Offered:

  1. Re-useable Bamboo Straws with steel straw cleaner
  2. Tuff Bamboo Combs which are smooth for your hair.
  3. Bamboo Tooth Brushes which are specially infused with soft charcoal bristles that help keep your teeth and gums healthy, clean, and white.
  4. Bamboo tongue cleaners and earbuds.
  5. Stainless steel straws which you can reuse n number of times.
  6. Eco-friendly cotton bags in 2 sizes (small: 1-2kg and large:3-4kg storage capacity). These bags come with breathable and durable material.

It offers unique eco-friendly, bio-degradable products that can change your lifestyle.

They have a wide range of chemical-free organic soaps to choose from their series- Twacha

  1. Neem and Tulsi Soap- handmade soap with anti-bacterial properties that hydrates and nurtures skin,
  2. Aromatic Coffee Soaps- improves skin texture and brightens your skin by reducing Blemishes
  3. Toy shape soaps for kids to keep them happy at bath.
  4. Aloe Vera soaps, Charcoal Soaps, etc.,

TinkerSale’s View:

We personally love Tulsi Soaps and their Bio-Degradable and Eco-friendly Toothbrushes. We support them to the fullest to make the world more greener by reducing the use of plastics.

They Deliver their products all over India to make India Plastic-Free. So let us all join hands with them by using eco-friendly products and make India plastic-free. Click on the Visit Shop button above to do your bit.

What do u think about Forever.Eco.Store?

Did you use their Bamboo products?

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