Design5 Studio- Recreating home with Upcycled products.

A Sustainable Lifestyle Brand in the home decor, accessories, and gifting space that creates functional art. Check out a few upcycled products here.

Source- Design5 Studio

Home is the reflection of your personal style. So style each corner of your home so beautifully that it catches the eyes of your guests. And Design5 Studio is here to help you do that with their upcycles products.

A glimpse of Design5 Studio:

Molly is a passionate and determined artist and is the founder of Design5 studio which was started in the year 2006. Design5 Studio is a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand that creates Functional Art based on the principle of Reduce & Reuse. Molly upcycles and hand paints old and discarded wooden products and give them a new look and finish. She uses water-based and non-toxic colours and varnishes on her creations.

She doesn’t cut even a single tree to create her products. And she is a huge lover of nature and aims at making a mark to save the environment. So, she offers trees to her customers instead of offering monetary rewards or discounts. With the help of Grow-Trees, she gives out an e-certificate with the tracking number for each tree. You can share this certificate with your friends, family, and/or social media followers and be proud. At Design5 Studio, Molly creates One-of-a-kind wooden pieces with her creativity and expertise in painting.

To Sum-up- Design5 Studio is a Sustainable Lifestyle Brand in the home decor, accessories, and gifting space. The team is dedicated to helping their customers discover their own design personality.

Being determined is Molly’s Superpower.

Upcycled Products Offered:

  1. Restored Handpainted Furniture like Tables and side tables, Chests, Mumin Desks, etc.,
  2. Hand Painted Kitchen décor items like trays, bowls, Cake Stands, Coasters, Cutting boards.
  3. Home Décor products like Jewellery Boxes, Tissue Boxes (INR.2212*), Cutlery Boxes, and Candle Stick Holders. They also have mesmerizing Photo Frames and key holders.

You can find their full product collection at TinkerSale. Click on the visit shop button to see more of their products.

TinkerSale’s favorite:

We personally loved their cutting boards and photo frames. Their photo frames really look amazing on your table. We absolutely love all their upcycled products. And if you are a vintage lover then you will definitely love Design5 Studio.

You can visit them only with appointments. Message them to book an appointment.

They have their studio at Shapurjat, New Delhi which will be open from 10.00AM-6.00PM on all weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Note: All their products are made of wood and so are premium priced.

What did you like about Design5 Studio?

Comment and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. We will be super happy to read them all and address your queries.

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