Deshi Gallery- Redefining the art of serving

Check out this space to if you love to serve your guests with unique wooden serving trays.

Source- Deshi Gallery

About Deshi Gallery:

The Deshi Gallery offers a stunning collection of pictures, trays, candle stands, customized framing, and exquisite jacquard silk bedspreads and runners.

Deshi Gallery is essentially a fusion of frames with silks, embroidered linens, and rich brocade fabrics designed into table service accessories. Wait now – did we say silk, for tableware? Well, that’s what Deshi literally brings to the table. They blend traditional materials like wood and ceramic and weave them with fabric to create a very unique serving experience.

“I love art in all forms, and home decor is my passion. One day, I just started with picture framing and this just extended into other accessories. Deshi as a brand would never be limited by any specific segment, we shall keep creating items that will make your living space more beautiful”, say’s’ Gitanjali.

Products Offered:

  1. Deshi’s primary offerings right now include a range of kitchen and tableware. Wooden Servings trays, Paper napkin trays, Tissue holders & Cutlery Boxes are a few to name. What is more special about their products is that they underline their treys with foam in order to protect the wooden surfaces at your home.
  2. They also have a good collection of work with frames and framed artifacts, once again using high-end silks and Jacquards to transform the piece.
  3. Deshi also has a set of very uniquely designed wall art, with fabrics as the base frame material that goes very well with brass art.

Tinkersale View:

When we asked Gitanjali what defines Deshi Gallery, She said- “redefining the art of serving”. A few minutes into looking at her products and ideas, we couldn’t agree more.

The silk framing lends a very classy edge to artifacts with any base material. They bring in a play of colour which otherwise gets limited to a few shades.

We loved their idea of blending wall art and table art where baroque brass designs of spoons are framed to make beautiful wall art frames. We also loved their work on the Buddha mask and Ganesha wall art motif along with the wooden serving trays.

Deshi products are all hand finished and hence renders a unique touch of personalization to every product. In fact, they enable a significant amount of customization according to your taste. Find their entire range of products on TinkerSale.

You can also visit them at- 464, Doddakanehali, Carmelram Post, Sarjapur Main road, Bangalore- 560035

Did you visit Deshi Gallery and check out their wooden serving trays?

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