Artisan Palate- Adding Flavours to Food

Buy the best flavoured Demerara Sugar & Himalayan Salts to give your food an authentic taste.

Source- Artisan Palate

About Artisan Palate:

Artisan Palate is a family-owned and operated business. It was established by Nivriti Rohatgi Kapur (CEO) in early 2016. When Nivriti Rohatgi Kapur learned about the variety and benefits of authentic, unrefined specialty Himalayan pink salt and demerara sugar, he was surprised to realize that finding quality salts and sugars in the market was very difficult. To fill that gap, he started Artisan Palate where unique flavourful and healthy products are sold. They hope to become the first gourmet Sugar & Salt company in India.

Artisan Palate believes in the philosophy that natural and pure products taste better and makes people fit and healthy. And that is why they prepare their products with the best ingredients available. They don’t add any additives or artificial flavours. All their products are 100% natural.

Products Offered:

Artisan Palate brings to you a fabulous array of sugars and salts infused with delicious flavours to add a burst of taste to your favourite dishes and drinks.

Flavoured Demerara Sugar-

They offer 8 different varieties of Flavoured Demerara Sugars like- Salted Caramel, Chilli Chocolate, Lemon Lime, Strawberry, Vanilla, Cinnamon & Vanilla, Espresso & Dark Chocolate, Citrus & Mint. All of these costs you INR.199 for a 150grams bottle.

Flavoured Himalayan Pink Salt-

They offer various flavours of delicious Himalayan Pink Salts. Onion Garlic Chilli Pepper, Wild Mint Chilli Garlic, Lemon Lime Chilli Garlic, Natural Pink Salt are a few flavours to name. These ranges between INR.149 & INR.249.

They also offer a Himalayan Pink Salt Grater Set with comes at a price of INR.1100.

Seasonings and Marinades-

They make delicious seasonings and marinates that give a unique taste to your dish. Red Pasta Sauce Mix, Jamaican Jerk Seasoning Mix, Smoked BBQ Rub, Falafel & Shawarma Spice Blend are a few to name. These cost you less than INR.250.

Apart from these, they also offer Kerala Vanilla Pods (used to extract natural vanilla essence) at INR.499.

Note: They also offer their products in a combo of different savouries in small quantities.

TinkerSale’s View:

Artisan Palate aims at offering delicious & innovative products made out of natural sugar & salt products with the highest quality possible. And we feel, this is what differentiates their salts & sugar from other salts available in the market. If you are one who is loves variety in taste, then we recommend you to try Sugars & Salts from Artisan Palate.

What do you think about using flavoured & Natural demerara sugar & Salts instead of regular sugars & salts available in the market?

Comment and let us know your thoughts. We would be super happy to read them.

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