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About Bake My Day:

Henal Bhuta, the founder of Bake my day is a self-taught home-based baker. She bakes a variety of mouth-melting eggless cakes for all your special occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Baby shower etc., Henal customises and designs every cake very beautifully to match the tastes and likes of her customers.

Products Offered:

Cakes & Fresh flowers:

Fresh Fruit Cakes and Flowers are available according to season. starting at INR.1100 per kg.

Cake Jars & Mousse jars:

with tasty and mouth-watering fillings. You can choose your favourite among the 6 tasty flavours available.


She offers an assortment of cupcakes in different flavours starting at INR.360 (A minimum of 6 cupcakes has to be ordered). You should definitely try out their customised cupcakes. They taste heavenly.

Cupcake baskets:

Thematic cupcakes with fresh strawberries in a bamboo basket. Also depends on the theme.


A variety of customised hampers are offered to make your day special and easy.

If one hamper consists of Pack of cards, Rose pistachio cake loaf, Gulab Jamun & Rasmalai Jar, Bottle of wine, Some flowers & a Diya. Another hamper consists of 12 cupcakes, a bottle of red wine & fresh roses. You can have a cookie hamper too.

Cupcake Bouquets:

She offers a variety of Cupcake Bouquets starting at INR.2000.


Customised to match your taste at a price of INR.120 per piece.

Pinata Cakes:

They make Special Pinata cakes. You can choose with or without fillings.

Box of Love:

Consists of 20 assorted cupcakes and 40 roses. These are perfect for gifting your partner on valentine’s day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Box of Happiness:

The Box of Happiness consists of 12 assorted cupcakes & 35 roses. These can also be a perfect gift for your soulmate.

These are just a few to name. They have a lot more in the bucket. Fill in the form to get in touch with them.

TinkerSale’s View:

We absolutely love Henal Bhuta’s passion for making designer and unique cakes being a self-taught home baker. The customised cupcake bouquet and mousse jar is our all-time favourite. We highly recommend you to get your designer cakes for your special days.

All her Cakes taste heavenly and we would love to hear your experience with her cakes and other offerings.

Did you check them out? 

How did they taste?

Comment and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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