Chaturchidiya- Unique Stationery in Bird Creations

Stationery is loved by all. but it is even more loved if it is a unique stationery. Check this space to know more.

Source- Chatur Chidiyaa

I often visit bird sanctuaries to release stress. What if I say you can create a bird sanctuary at your home 😀 (Ha-ha!! Not a real bird sanctuary though).

Here Chatur Chidiyaa comes to you with a gamut of decorative and unique bird designed creations for your table and stationery bag. 

More About Chatur Chidiyaa:

They make meticulous one of a kind garden décor pieces which brings nature to your home. They make designs of different species of birds like owls, parrots, house sparrows, tailor birds, kingfishers, Baya Weaver, flamingos etc.,

I personally had not seen such peppy bird creations any before in my life.

We categorise their products into:

1. Designer stationary-

They make one of a kind quirky and unique stationery which are pleasing to your eyes.

  1. Notebooks and scribble pads with colourful printed birds on it. These are a little premium priced for the exclusiveness they bring in.
  2. Paper weights which comes in either Ceramic and pebbles with brass bends at INR.300 per piece. These are my all-time favourite.
  3. Origami Book marks of 2 types. One is the origami book mark and the other is the strip mark which comes at a price of INR.150 and 180 respectively.
  4. They make colourful peppy Pencil tops which you can use it on other pencils or can be used as soft board pins later. These come in a Set of 3 at INR.180.

2. Home/Garden Decor-

Plant pokers to decorate your pots, bird hangings, peppy bird pops, Pebble Decoratives, Fridge magnets (birds-set of 3 at INR.300, Expressions- set of 2 at INR.300) etc.,

Note: The actual colour may vary from that of the picture. All their products are exclusive of taxes. So the actual costs might vary.

You can also Visit them at– 402-B, Temple view, Vadodara, Gujarat, India 380022

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